Cello-Bella! Profiled on National Public Radio's "The Story" Cello Bella pairs Alison Donahue's polished jazz based vocal stylings and soulful cello with Mike Wilhelm's blues inspired guitar and vocals. Together they work magic as they mine the American songbook to bring you a varied selection of jazz, swing, and pop standards from the 20s to the current day. Songs like "Paper Moon", "What A Wonderful World","Georgia On My Mind" and "The Girl From Ipanema" will have you smiling, bouncing in your seat, and looking for someone to dance with. They also play a few rock standards, some country classics....... even a selection of kids songs! Fun music for all ages!


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Mike and Alison

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Alison Donahue cello/vocals

I am a classically-trained cellist/vocalist currently exploring jazz, pop, and country music genres. You can pretty easily find a violin in a jazz or pop musical group, but the cello is still a rarity.  With the range and versatility of the cello, there are so many musical colors you can bring to a tune. Time for the cello to step up and be counted!

Mike Wilhelm guitar/vocals 

I am NOT a classically trained guitarist, but I like very much playing music with Alison.  I first picked up a 15 dollar Silvertone guitar in 1964 after seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and it’s been all downhill ever since.  Later, I began to explore the wonderful American music called “jazz”.  In 2007, I took an early retirement from Ford Motor Company, met Alison and the rest is history.



Background Photo by Gene Schilling, mural courtesy of AJ's Cafe-Ferndale MI (ajsmusicafe.com)